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Canadian soccer fan. Rec coach (youth), player (old), ref, and Board member of the Peterborough Youth Soccer Club. Writer for @Polar__SC and The Other Football.

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  • Minutes played by each draftee in their post-draft season. Minutes is on the y-axis, and draft position is on the x-axis. There is no obvious pattern, and many zero-minute players at most draft positions.
  • Draftees' playing time, by position. Four doughnut graphs show the percent of draftees playing different levels of minutes in the post-draft season; one doughnut graph for each position (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward). Darker section represent more minutes played. The larger the section, the higher the percent of players in that category.
  • Scatter plot showing which positions get drafted (and played) the most. The y-axis is minutes played in a player's post-draft season. The x-axis is the four classes of playing position: goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward. Players' names accompany their data points, showing how many minutes each played. Colours of dots and names corresponds to their team.
  • Stacked bar chart showing which CPL teams play their draft picks the most. The y-axis is minutes played in a player's post-draft season. The x-axis is teams. Draftees are stacked in order of minutes within each team's bar, with players on the bottom having played the most minutes.
  • Bar graph showing which positions have been drafted the most, all time and for the 2023 draft.
  • Bar graph showing which U Sports universities produce the most draftees. From all-time data and from the 2023 draft.
  • Bar graph showing roster stability from 2021 to 2022. The y-axis shows each team, and the x-axis shows what percent of their 2021 player-minutes are returning in 2022. Teams are listed in order of 2021 standings. In general lower-standings teams had higher turnover.
  • Scatterplot of which CPL teams use their substitutions a lot. The y-axis is how many minutes tend to be played by a substitute. The x-axis is how many substitutions are made per game. Data points show teams' logos. Ottawa stands apart with so few substitutions per game.